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dymond at dymondking23@gmail.com left this message on 6/04/013.

Message: do u still have the doll

Webmaster at left this message on 1/22/013.

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Angela Bosworth at abosworth89@yahoo.com left this message on 1/16/013.

Message: I have Reborn dolls for trade toward unpainted vinyl kits. Preparing for a big doll show and need babies to show my work!!! Please email me if interested. Thank you very much. God bless.

Katrina Williams at katrinawilliams21@gmail.com left this message on 7/12/012.

Message: I have 4 lee middleton reborns, mint condition and a antique baby cradle . Wanting to trade for white good or platinum 1 carat or more engagement or bridal set.

Helen Moroney at kloner@bluemaxx.com.au left this message on 10/08/011.

Message: Hi, I'm not sure how old your posting is, but i would absolutely love Xavier. I have a very large doll collection to choose from, hope to hear from you soon! Helen.

Cheryl Doane at cdnotrot@hotmail.com left this message on 7/29/010.

Message: Would like to talk a trade or sale of Elisabeth Lindner doll, Baby Flo, or Baby Flo 2 made by Gotz. Any leads on where to find one of these is welcome also. Thank you.

jolene at jolenesvilla@hotmail.com left this message on 4/01/010.

Message: i hae the 1965 baby secret doll...red suit white bib and voice box works...she is in great condition.

Debbi at jacey_76031@yahoo.com left this message on 4/30/09.

Message: I have Xavier by Grossle-Schmidt. He is a Hard to find German doll with human hair that sold for 450.00 that I would like to trade for a doll by any of these artists, Laura Tuzio-Ross, Esther Kallouz, Monika Levenig, Monika Peter-Leicht. I don't have his box or anything but he is excellent from a no smoking home. Have pics!

Sarah at swessel15@comcast.net left this message on 3/08/09.

Message: : Just as I stated, I am looking for a Baby Secret Doll (ie: 1965-66) in an attaching red jumper and white bib with the name "Baby Secret" on it and I will either buy or trade in "New Like" condition a Vintage Gerber Vinyl Baby with a Blue Gingham Dress.

tori spires at vspires18@yhoo.com left this message on 3/03/09.

Message: hey im lookeng for a baby think it over doll or a neonate most come with the following items one baby think it over doll or neonate bottels clothes diper carrer or sling if it is a btio must come with control unit we will be willing to pay 250 for it please get back to me asap thanks

Dani at djarosz@neo.rr.com left this message on 11/17/08.

Message: looking for glamour girl dolls still in package kenner made these dolls in the 1980's!

kim at pollockh4@aol.com left this message on 9/20/08.

Message: I have a baby think it over doll to trade. Hes a genration 4 with the head support feature. He works fine and comes with a juice bottle ,daiper bag and a magant pacy and outfits. I would trade on a silicone doll or some doll kits a nice hospital bassinet or a couple of reborns. Would sell for 500.00 shipped. I can email pictures thanks

Joy at Dolljolly@aol.com left this message on 11/20/07.

Message: Will buy or trade for a Robert Tonner Michael.

Puppenmutti at puppenmutti@telenet.be left this message on 11/05/07.

Message: Hello, I have lots of OOAK baby's to trade against Zapf dolls! All my dolls are NEW with certificate. Make me an offer!

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